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In loving memory of Peter Kierkegaard, he left us love and happiness. From all your friends at work and home.

Good Friday Walk BACK!

We are delighted to announce the return of the Good Friday walks across the county.

For the last two years we have had to organise virtual walks. While these were a limited success, there is no doubt that the real thing is much more appealing. 

Over the last few decades we have had local walks in various areas, almost all in Kerry. This year we would like to invite you to participate in, or even help with the organisation, of a local walk. Our focus is Kerry. It is important that we are compliant with legal and health and safety issues. This means that all walks must be notified to our office and organisers must be official volunteers in theKerry Hospice Foundation. This isn't hard, talk to us.

Contact us on 066 7119070

Events / Fundraising

You can now donate or fundraise directly for the Kerry Hospice Foundation with Just Giving.

Click here to go to our page

All fundraising events are welcome.

Please contact us in advance.

More information on events available here

Our Services
Inpatient Palliative Care Unit

Find out information on all our services including the Suiamheas Out Patient Centre, Community Services, Education and our forthcoming Inpatient facilities.

The Specialist Palliative Care team is led by a Consultant in Palliative Medicine and includes junior doctors, specialist palliative care nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers, catering staff, porters, chaplains and administration staff. In addition, this team is greatly supported by various dedicated volunteers.

Who refers to the Specialist Palliative Care Team?


* Family Doctor/GP

* Hospital Consultant


How much does it cost?

The service is provided free of charge to the patient and their relatives.

More information available here

Photo Gallery

The Kerry Hospice is grateful for all your support, and we have compiled a photo gallery of many of the great events and donations.   

View the gallery here



A special word from Katie Hannon,  RTÉ.

Patron of the Kerry Hospice Foundation.

You can support the Kerry Hospice Foundation by donating to our everyday hero page.

We thank you all for your continued support during these difficult times.  

The Kerry Hospice Foundation (KHF) is a voluntary organisation to help provide funding and support for palliative care services in Kerry.
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